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Ecclesiastes 3:11

Welcome to my world of Inspiration and beauty. I'm Neika, your trusted Inspirational Beauty Consultant and Makeup Artist. With a passion for empowering others, i'm dedicated to helping  you discover your inner radiance and confidence. Through makeup expertise, and self-care guidance, I'm here to enhance not just your outer beauty, but also to uplift your spirit. Join me on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression, where we celebrate the beauty that comes from within.


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Discover the world of beauty through my expertise at SpeakVolume. My purpose and passion revolve around empowering women to embrace self-care, radiate beauty from within, positive lifestyle. With a commitment to making you a priority, i'm here to guide you on a journey where beauty and self-love intertwine harmoniously. Choose SpeakVolume and embark on a transformational experience that speaks to the essence of who you are.


I Am Transformed
I Have Endless Potential 
I Am Beauty
I Am Vibrant Joy!

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Makeup Appointments


Do you have a birthday, baby shower, red carpet event, headshots, etc? I would love to create a beautiful makeup look.


Beauty Consults

Pick My Brain

Do you have a question about color makeup or lip color to wear for the night? Do you have an outfit idea and would like to find a makeup look for? Ask me your questions. 


One On


Learn My Tips & Tricks

This is the perfect time to learn my techniques and how to utilize them during your own makeup routine.

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Book your trial run today.
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