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Speak Volume Lash Collection

I Am Transformed

I Have Endless Potential

I Am Beauty

I Am Vibrant Joy!

NeikasBeauty is more than makeup it's a MOVEMENT! A journey of self growth, confidence, and positivity. We not only want to feel good but, also look good! When you feel good we want to look good right? Right! It's a package that goes hand in hand. With the Speak Volume Lash Collection our goal was to create a reminder to Arriveandleaveyourstamp in any space that you're in. By creating Lash Styles that are affirmations;

I Am Beauty

I Am Peace

I Am Radiant

I Am Joy

I Am Vibrant Joy

I Am Graceful

When you walk in a room full of people what is seen to the eye will be someone's first impression of you. How you show up Speaks Volume before you even utter a word. I'm sure we've all heard the saying, you light up the room when you walk in? Or Girl you're glowing. When someone says that to me, what I hear is that all that inner work I've put in is shining on the outside! It's not just about my outer appearance, but with these lashes they are meant to speak for you before you utter a word. Say your affirmation, believe it, walk in it, show up as it. Words are powerful and we create how we feel everyday. As you grab your lash style state your affirmations as you apply your lash, or even repeat your affirmation to yourself throughout the day. I'm so excited for you all to get your hands on these. Live, Love, Light!

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