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Face to face masterclass is back!


In this class you will learn:

-Skin prep
-How to choose your foundation
-How to choose your concealer shade
-Learn blending techniques
& more!

We will complete a full face application. Learning my signature techniques! There will be giveaways, positive vibes and a great time.

Spaces are limited! Secure your seat today.
A list of products will be sent as well as the location once full payment is made. The investment is
Payment plan options are available so please reach out to me. This price for a class you won't see again.


When it comes to makeup I always believe it's an enhancement to our natural beauty.  With my masterclasses it's all about loving on ourselves and this being a form of self care, while learning how to complete a makeup application.  I really believe in growth and having a positive mindset. How you feel inside will radiant on the outside.

Hence my slogan “Arrive & Leave Your Stamp”™️

I call this masterclass face to face because as you sit in front of your mirror to do your makeup, it's not about masking what you see and wearing it as a cover up. Take a moment to look at your reflection and speak life Into yourself, get comfortable saying your affirmations to yourself.  See the beauty in yourself with or without the makeup.

How it all started....

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